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  • Framed piece is 27" x 37" on Nepalese Handmade Paper.


    NEPALESE HANDMADE PAPER - This paper continues to be the favorite for those seeking the most unique "old world" look.  Each sheet differs slightly in weight, color, and squareness ensuring that no two pieces are the same.  We print color, black and white, and toned prints on this paper with outstanding results.  Finished prints on this paper look great in either the shadowbox or acrylic enclosure.


    We enclose your favorite handmade paper print in a finely crafted shadowbox.  Each Shadowbox is made from archival materials featuring black wood frame, acid-free liner, and image clear acrylic.


    • 27" x 37" Framed,

      Artwork alone is 20" x 30"

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