• A special platter is a necessity in any kitchen and one cannot have too many. Be prepared ahead of time by purchasing an extra platter now before needing it and stressing because it is not there. When needing to serve large portions of meat, pasta or other delicious recipe, a large platter allows it to be served all at once. Platters are also ideal for serving large portions of pancakes, scrambled eggs or displaying a variety of desserts. When not in the kitchen, a platter can also be used as a small tray for holding nail polish or a craft project to carry wherever needed.


    Terracotta construction


    Slightly distressed finish


    Elegant scalloped design

    Oval White Terracotta Platter with Decorative Edge

    SKU: DF1428
    • 17.75"L x 12.25"W x 1.5"H