• Formulated with nourishing shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamins E and pro-vitamin B5, this made-for-all liquid soap glides on gently, rinses clean, and imparts a light transforming fragrance. Perfect for use as a sensorial hand wash, efficacious body wash, or luxurious bubble bath. 




    I hold a clear vision of my life’s journey.
    I am not afraid of change.
    I live fully for the highest good.


    Polynesian coconut | white orchid | warm sugar | sandalwood


    Open yourself to a world that is greater than us all. Receive the balancing and clarifying nature of Polynesian coconut. Let the richness of warm sugar and the brightness of white orchid stimulate your senses and calm your mind. Breathe in the ancient wisdom of sandalwood and feel your spirit soar.

    Transformed Body Wash & Bubbling Bath

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    • 12 FL OZ | 350 ML